South Asian Institute for 
Research and Training

[ Incorporated under Section 8  of Indian Companies Act, 2013 ]
Formerly known as South Asian Research Corporation

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South Asian Institute for Research and Training

The South Asian Institute for Research and Training has been founded by a group of multi-dimensional professionals to promote the culture of research among the academicians, engineers, doctors, professors, students. It provides a common platform to the researchers to publish their work internationally.

Research and development expand the boundaries of what we know, understand and can achieve. They add cultural resonance to society and establish a viable basis for sustainable development, increased welfare and greater value creation.

The South Asian Institute for Research and Training works to promote high-caliber research and win greater acknowledgment of research as a cultural, value-creating force that fuels social development.

A knowledge-based society is dependent on a research establishment that is on the cutting edge internationally. The South Asian Institute for Research and Training seeks to strengthen the international position of  Indian research together with other players in the research system.

Four key challenges
  • To enhance the capacity and quality of  Indian research.
  • To strengthen research in areas of particular importance for research, trade and industry, and society at large.
  • To promote constructive cooperation, distribution of responsibility and structures in the research system.
  • To translate research results into action.